Developer documentation

You will find here all technical aspects related to wxModeler.

Integrated Development Environment

Before working on the code, it is a good idea to search for a comfortable development environment. There are many ways to achieve that especially under UNIX, but Windows users tend to get a bit lost... that’s why we will see how to install free software necessary to develop under this operating system. We will base our solution on the following software: MinGW / MSYS / MSYS-DTK / Eclipse / CDT.


wxModeler is using wxWidgets as cross-plateform toolkit.
You can find here the necessary steps to install the library under MinGW/MSYS and configure the project properties in Eclipse CDT.

Get and Compile

The first step for people that want to develop with wxModeler will be to get the source code from the CVS Server and to compile the engine.
All the necessary steps for this are described in the CVS and compilation portal.


This section gives you the main informations about how wxModeler should be executed.
The environment of execution is examinated for each platform.


The architecture section describes main mechanisms and choices about the software conception.
This documentation will give you a better way to understand how everything designed.

Coding Style

Let’s try to have an uniformized style of code.
An uniform style between all source files is better for readability, and helps in the debugging process.

Version control

Like most open source projects, the source code is appealed to be shared by many developpers.
To avoid conflicts, it is necessary to learn how to work with a version control system.
This aspect will be developped for different plateforms and developpement environments.

Algorithms & Principles

Many algorithms are implied in the conception of a 3D modeler.
These are often hard to understand from the source code, as mathematical formulas are often developped in order to optimize the calculation.
In this section, you will learn about each mathematical aspect that has been integrated inside wxModeler.

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