July 24, 2006 : New polygon tool

A new polygon tool has been added... box tool will follow soon.
You can grab an archive of this CVS-snapshot in the download area.

July 23, 2006 : Context menu editing

A context menu has been added in the tree control, allowing to edit the value and visibility of each element.

July 12, 2006 : New scene explorer

A new snapshot has become available, featuring the scene explorer.

June 11, 2006 : New Bezier tool

A new snapshot has become available, featuring the Bezier tool.
Here is the content of the changelog:

11/06/2006 : Version 0.2.0-cvs (alpha stage)
  • Bezier primitive added, with subdivisions.
  • Private CVS migrated to sourceforge.

May 20, 2006 : Public launch

After some private coding, the development of wxModeler is at least public!
Here is the content of the changelog:

27/04/2006 : Version 0.1.0 released (alpha stage)
  • First public version.
  • Cross-platform software with minimal dependencies:
    • only wxWidgets and glut are necessary (glut should be removed soon to compile it more easily under windows/mingw)
  • Multilingual native interface, with dynamic language change.
  • Persistent configuration through sessions.
  • Switch between perspective/orthogonal projections.
  • Ability to model points and lines interactively.
  • Modelisation is based on a projection of the pointed pixel, to a selected plane.
  • Modeling interactions:
    • Left mouse drag/click: insertion
    • Right mouse click: finish object (only lines use this currently)
    • Mousewheel: translate active plane according to its normal vector
  • Viewpoint interactions:
    • Left mouse drag: move camera
    • Middle mouse drag: zoom
    • Right mouse drag: pan
  • API:
    • Genericity through the use of templates.
    • Equation solver is based on LUP decomposition.
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